Blueberries New Generation: early, productive and extended shelf-life varieties

Blueberries New Generation: early, productive and extended shelf-life varieties
26 Septiembre
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Facing the growing worldwide demand for blueberries Planasa ise developing an ambitious varietal improvement programme to offer its customers the most competitive varieties on the market.

The high investment made in the R&D programme has resulted into the release of the so-called Blueberries New Generation: six commercial varieties that include two ultra-early, three early and one of mid-season variety.

Although there are differences between them, these varieties are mainly early, firm and have a long shelf life. Moreover, the fruit tends to be crunchy, sweet and with an excellent size.

In addition to earliness and shelf life, these new bluberry varieties are very productive and easy to harvest, resulting into a great economic return for growers because Spain’s blueberry production mostly concentrates between April and June.

Our aim is for quality fruit to be available all year round and supply it before the production peak of April, so that growers have the chance to take a share of the market.

Blueberries New Generation Planasa

As for the markets, this new program is contributing to increase the European supply with significant volumes between late December and late March.

This ultra-precocity is not at odds with the taste and appearance demanded by countries that are traditional blueberry consumers in Europe, such as the United Kingdom. In fact, some supermarket chains have already shown their interest in the fruit’s quality.

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