2018 Edition of the Ministry of Agriculture’s Agricultural Insurance Guide

2018 Edition of the Ministry of Agriculture’s Agricultural Insurance Guide
29 December

Via the State Agricultural Insurance Entity (ENESA), Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment has published the 2018 Guide to Agricultural Insurance with the aim of publicizing the current agricultural insurance system and informing producers of the possibilities available to them. This guide also includes the news from the 39th Plan, approved by the Council of Ministers on December 15th.

According to this plan, ENESA will count on a budget of 211.27 million euros for the subsidy of agricultural insurance in 2018.

The 48-page guide offers all the necessary information for producers on the function of the Spanish Agricultural Insurance System and details all productions and insurable risks under the 39th Plan, highlighting the changes included in it. Among them is the inclusion, within the scope of guarantees, of the production of garlic, already cut, in boxes or “palots”.

According to the Ministry, “this guide is structured in six chapters, corresponding to many other aspects of Agricultural Insurance, among which include one dedicated to subsidy for agricultural insurance contracting (Chapter 2), and chapters dedicated to insurance for agricultural and forestry production and for livestock and aquaculture production (chapters 4 and 5, respectively). Specific aspects of each insurance line are explained, such as productions and insurable risks, subscription commencement dates or the levels of subsidy provided for in the 39th Plan “.

A print run of 13,000 copies will be printed and distributed among the different entities interested in Agrarian Insurance (autonomous communities, delegations and sub-delegations of the Government, agricultural professional organizations and agricultural cooperative organizations, AGROSEGURO, etc.). However, the digital version is already available for consultation, through the Internet, on the ENESA website.