The peach: origin and cultivation
22 September 2017

From China to Europe The peach is native to China, where samples have been found that it was cultivated more than 3,000 years ago. Curiously, it also appears recurrently in Chinese poetry and art as a symbol of immortality. According to the legend, the Queen Mother of the West, one of the most powerful of […]

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Record season in fruit production
16 September 2017

Francisco Murillo,  Head of Commercial Fruit Management at Planasa, explains how this year’s stone fruit season has turned out.   1.- The season started a few months go and it’s almost at an end. Can we already conclude how things have gone this year? This has been a magnificent season in terms of fruit production, […]

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Darzilla: great caliber, excellent quality and very productive asparagus
17 July 2017

At Planasa we take the research and development of new varieties very seriously. Since 1973 we have undertaken a breeding program of both green and white asparagus varieties, placing particular emphasis on obtaining products with excellent flavour and high productivity. As such, our specialists have managed to develop varieties that adapt to different climatic conditions and […]

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Adelita, the queen of raspberries
12 July 2017

Over recent years, the consumption of berries in Europe has sky-rocketed. As a result, its production has undergone a major surge, particularly in Spain. Among what are known as “fruits of the forest” the raspberry has become one of the most highly valued by consumers, for its flavor at once sweet and slighty acidic. In 2005 […]

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Complete quality, a principle across all of our varieties
03 July 2017

Quality is the key feature of Planasa varieties, an adage that allows us to position ourselves at the level of the most demanding markets. We take into account and take particular care of key aspects such as food safety, the traceability of vegetable materials from the very origin, care for the environment, the use of […]

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