The European Parliament against food waste
24 November 2017

Every year, 88 million tons of food are wasted in the European Union, 173 kg per person. The production and elimination of these foods causes the emission of 170 million tons of CO2 and requires the use of 26 million tons of resources. For this reason, the European Parliament has presented a proposal to reduce […]

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Fruits and vegetables help prevent strokes
17 November 2017

World Stroke Day was celebrated on October 29. Strokes are the second cause of death in Spain and the first among women. It affects 120,000 people each year and is the leading cause of disability in adults. According to experts, one out of every six people in the world will suffer a stroke, however, 80% […]

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Consumption of fruits and vegetables in millennials
10 November 2017

According to data from AECOC ShopperView, young adults are the population sector that consume the least amount of fruit and vegetables. Table:  fruit and vegetable  consumption 6/7 days of the week by sex and age range. To understand more precisely the reasons behind this low consumption rate, a study has been conducted, in collaboration with […]

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Strategic Plan for Sweet Fruit
02 November 2017

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment and representatives of the sector make up the working group created to develop a Strategic Plan for Sweet Fruit, whose main objective is “to achieve a strategic plan with short, medium and long term goals to face the coming seasons in better conditions. The first official meeting, […]

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More fruits and vegetables in schools
27 October 2017

This 2017/2018 school year, the Royal Decree 511/2017 of May 22nd takes effect, which will roll out the new rules of the European Union (EU) in Spain to promote the consumption of fruits, vegetables and milk in schools. According to this decree, “there is still a downward trend in the consumption of fresh fruits and […]

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Planasa at Fruit Attraction: one of the main events in the international horticultural sector
20 October 2017

Planasa could not miss the grand commercial international fruit and vegetable industry event that took place in Madrid from October 18th through the 20th. In this edition, 1500 exhibitors from 30 countries participated, 20% more than the previous year, presenting to the more than 60,000 professional visitors from 110 countries their varieties, qualities and innovation. […]

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10 reasons to eat garlic every day
13 October 2017

Because of its strong flavor, garlic is one of the most used ingredients in gastronomic culture  and one of the most commonly used vegetables in Mediterranean cuisine. Its use goes back centuries, and there are documents that confirm not only its use as a cooking ingredient, but also as a healing agent. In the ancient […]

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Mulberry season: a healthy season
06 October 2017

If there is one good thing about end of summer and the beginning of autumn, it is that it’s mulberry season, a fruit that is not only delicious, but also full of health benefits. The mulberry is a “multi drupe” fruit, meaning it is made up of small drupes in cluster formation. Its size varies […]

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Growth in exports of Spanish fruits and vegetables
29 September 2017

During the period of January-July 2017, Spanish exports of fresh fruits and vegetables increased by 2% in volume and 5% in value in comparison to the same period of the previous year, according to data from the General Directorate of Customs of the Ministry of Economy and of the Spanish Federation of Associations of Producers […]

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