Complete quality, a principle across all of our varieties

Complete quality, a principle across all of our varieties
03 July

Quality is the key feature of Planasa varieties, an adage that allows us to position ourselves at the level of the most demanding markets.

We take into account and take particular care of key aspects such as food safety, the traceability of vegetable materials from the very origin, care for the environment, the use of the best available techniques, a focus on the client, and on-going improvement in all the stages.

To do this, we carry out official checks during the cultivation process in all of our nurseries, and use the most advanced technologies in production techniques. Because a good seed is the key; it is essential to obtain a good product. Built on this is the importance we give to the quality of our raw materials and to improving production performances. All to achieve success and a considerable profit margin for the farmer, and so that the consumer has access to quality fruits throughout the year.

In this respect, at Planasa we have firmly established international management and product system standards, which we renew and refresh regularly.