Darzilla: great caliber, excellent quality and very productive asparagus

Darzilla: great caliber, excellent quality and very productive asparagus
17 July

At Planasa we take the research and development of new varieties very seriously. Since 1973 we have undertaken a breeding program of both green and white asparagus varieties, placing particular emphasis on obtaining products with excellent flavour and high productivity. As such, our specialists have managed to develop varieties that adapt to different climatic conditions and to diverse cultivation techniques.

Darzilla asparagus emerge as the crown jewels in this respect: suitable for cultivation in both warm and cold climates, in the production of both white and green asparagus, they have managed to win over producers around the world in record time, thanks to their excellent productive qualities.

Consumption and properties

Asparagus consumption in Europe has risen over recent years. It is a very low calorie vegetable with more proteins than those found in other horticultural vegetables of its characteristics. It has important amounts of dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals. For this reason, it can be consumed to combat constipation and is considered to be a great diuretic. But all of these properties take a back seat when we speak of its flavour and texture, which transform it into one of the most appreciated foods in our gastronomy.

Reasons for choosing Darzilla

Darzilla is a vegetable creation obtained by Planasa through natural selection. It has exceptional qualities: the spear is straight and the head is tight. The tip does not turn brown. The skin is firm and the flesh is smooth and sweet. Its calibre is thick and homogeneous. Its colouring is perfect, achieving a pearly white without anthocyanin pigmentation. It is also suitable for producing green asparagus. It is a very productive variety with good resistance against diseases. It allows for an optimum plantation density of 20,000 plants/ha. Thermal plastic significantly improves its early performance in cold areas.