Legal Notice

1 – Identification and contact information of the owner of the Website.

The User is notified that the owner of this Website is Plantas de Navarra, S.A., hereinafter PLANASA.

2 – Legal information and acceptance by the User.

The following clauses regulate the use of the website service that PLANASA provides to its Internet Users.
The act of entering the Website attributes the condition of Website User (hereinafter the User) and implies that you have read and accepted all the conditions in this Legal Notice.
PLANASA may modify, develop or update the material contained within this Website with no prior notice. Access to the material contained within the Website does not constitute or imply any relationship whatsoever between PLANASA and the Website User.

3 – Website usage conditions. Rules regarding the introduction of links to this Website.

Usage conditions.
The User commits to correctly using the Website in accordance with current regulations and with that stipulated in this Legal Notice. The User will respond to PLANASA or to third parties, regarding any damages that may be caused as a result of the incorrect use of its Website.
The User commits to using the material contained within the Website in accordance with current regulations and with that stipulated in this Legal Notice. By means of an example, the User must refrain from: reproducing, copying, modifying, distributing, publishing or publicly communicating the material contained within the Website, apart from in cases permitted by the Law or expressly authorised in writing by PLANASA, or by whoever owns the exploitation rights.
The introduction of links to this Website.
Internet users that wish to introduce links from their own pages to this Website must comply with the following rules:
The link may only link to the Website homepage but may not reproduce it in any way.
It is strictly prohibited, in accordance with the Law, to establish “frames” of any type that surround the Website, or enable the visualisation of its contents through Internet addresses that are different to those of the Website, and in any case, when they are viewed collectively with contents not from the Website.
The page that establishes a link must comply with current legality and under no concept may it contain or link to their own or third party contents, that go against the Law, morality or public order (xenophobic, pornographic, violent, etc.), or if they are inappropriate for the activity of PLANASA.
The page that contains the link shall by no means declare that PLANASA has given its content to insert the link, or that in any other way supports, collaborates with or supervises the ideas, information and, in general, the contents of the Website contained in the link, except through express written authorisation by PLANASA.
No false or incorrect declarations about PLANASA, its collaborators and workers, or about the quality of its services shall be made from the page that introduces the link.
The use of any brand or any other distinctive PLANASA sign within the page of the issuer is strictly prohibited, excepting cases permitted by the law or expressly authorised in writing by PLANASA.

4 – Liability limitation.

Users that utilise the Website do so on their own behalf and at their own risk. PLANASA is not responsible for the errors or omissions that may be present on the Website or other websites and applications through which access to the site can be made.
Under no circumstances may PLANASA be considered responsible for any damages that arise from the use of the Website, nor for any actions undertaken or not undertaken, regarding the base of information and the material contained within the Website, in accordance with that stipulated in this Legal Notice.
PLANASA does not guarantee the absence of viruses that may cause damage to the computing systems and/or files of Users of the Website, for which PLANASA does not accept liability for damages that said elements may cause to the User or third parties.
Links that contain the Website may direct the User to other websites and applications managed by third parties, for which PLANASA is not liable, therefore PLANASA is not liable for the contents or the state of these websites and applications.

5 – Data protection.

In accordance with that stipulated in the Organic Act 15/1999, 13th December regarding Personal Data Protection, Users are hereby informed that their personal data, which may be provided through the contact e-mail or via any other means, will be incorporated into a file owned by PLANASA and may be subject to handling with the aim of responding to information requests made by Users, for advertising purposes, or, where applicable, for appropriate legal or tax advice, or for effective defence, as well as to undertake administrative, accounting and tax management.
Users may exercise their rights to access, rectify, cancel or oppose this at any given time, at the PLANASA headquarters at: Ctra. San Adrián, km 1, 31514 Valtierra, Navarre, Spain.

6 – Intellectual and industrial property.

PLANASA is the exclusive holder of the Exploitation Rights of this Website. PLANASA reserves all the intellectual and industrial property rights of this Website, with the express written authorisation being required from PLANASA for any exercise and use of them. This reserve of rights encompasses both the external “look and feel” as well as the contents that may be included and distributed via this Website in any format to the source code itself, graphic design and structure of the Website navigation.
At any given time and with no prior notice required, PLANASA may perform modifications and updates to the information contained within its Website or to its configuration or appearance. PLANASA makes all possible efforts to ensure that the information provided on this Website is clear, comprehensible and suitable, as well as to avoid any mistakes as far as possible, and where applicable, to resolve or update them. However, PLANASA cannot guarantee the complete lack of errors, or that the content of the information is permanently updated.
Under no circumstances will PLANASA be liable for the non-compliance of its suppliers of the intellectual property rights of the authors of the images and photos provided by them, presuming that the exploitation rights of them have been duly conceded by their owners to the mentioned suppliers.

7 – Applicable law and jurisdiction.

This Legal Notice is governed by Spanish legislation, in that the competent Spanish Courts will be those used to resolve any issues that arise regarding its interpretation and application. The Users, by virtue of accepting the conditions in this Legal Notice, expressly waiver any other jurisdiction to which they may be entitled given the application of current regulations.