Mission, vision and values
We supply our clients in the global market via our three business segments: Breeding, Nursery and Fresh Produce, high quality and added value products and services to satisfy consumer tastes.


Research and development of new vegetable varieties.


Production and commercialisation of high quality plants and seeds.

Fresh produce

Year-round production and commercialisation of vegetable products that stand out for their freshness and flavour.

Our target is to be global leaders in innovative solutions for the supply chain of berries, asparagus, endives and garlic, meeting consumer expectations.


Honesty and integrity are our most important values, which is why they take the helm to guide our business.

On-going search for innovation

Encouraging new ideas, initiative and creativity across all levels.

Customer satisfaction

Positioning our clients at the centre of our business activities and contributing to their success.

Opening up to the outside

Actively seek out best practices in all areas in order to give a higher value offer to our customers.

Corporate excellence

On-going improvement, effectiveness and efficiency in company actions.

Team work

Sharing knowledge, ideas and the experience of each of us to make the best decisions within the Planasa group.

Commitment with people

Promoting talent, offering opportunities, developing leaders, rewarding the achievement of targets.