Press release

Planasa launches its new variety of strawberry onto the market under the Savana brand

23 May 2018

Pamplona, 18th May 2018 – Planasa, a leading company in Europe in the fruit and vegetable sector and with activity across five continents, has just launched a new strawberry into the market: Savana, which is outstanding for its precocity, productivity and tolerance to soil diseases.

The complete strawberry variety programme that the company develops in the R&D centres has led to the creation of this new variety after nine years of work focusing on parental crosses, and on trials on test fields and on Planasa clients’ fields… “It has not been on the market very long, but it is working very well in Huelva, in countries in the Mediterranean basin such as Greece, the Maghreb region and Portugal”, assures Emilio Fuertes, Planasa strawberry product manager.

The Savana is being received positively as it offers agricultural farmers of a series of advantages over competing varieties. Positioned in the early and very productive variety category (as it produces throughout the entire campaign), it is rustic, and highly resistant to fungus and soil diseases, “making it very interesting because it requires less pesticide treatments. Moreover, it is a plant with a good root system, allowing it to adapt to diverse soil and disinfection types. All of this, combined with a very high and sustained productivity”, comments Fuertes.

In terms of fruit, it is very attractive, with an intense, bright red colour and good calibre, right to the end of the harvest. “We have managed to give it a great flavour and excellent aroma in the early category, characteristics that make us feel particularly optimistic that Savana will triumph in the market”.

Planasa invests 5% of its turnover in innovation, an aspect that allows it to be a benchmark in obtaining new varieties, seeking to offer its clients “quality, shelf life, flavour and profitability. It is a tough challenge, but I believe that Savana fulfils these three characteristics. All of this is the result of the hard work undertaken internally and through collaborations we have with retailers and producers”, concludes Emilio Fuertes.