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Planasa ranked as one of the 1,000 companies in Europe that inspire economic development for the second year in a row

11 September 2017

Planasa, segundo año consecutivo entre las 1.000 empresas que más inspiran al desarrollo económico de Europa

The London Stock Exchange (owner of the London Stock Market) has once again recognized Planasa for maintaining growth and generating jobs.

Planasa, the European leader in the fruit and vegetable sector, has just been recognized for the second year in a row by the London Stock Exchange Group (owner of the London Stock Market) as one of ‘1,000 companies to inspire Europe‘. The report aims to recognize companies that bill between 20 and 300 million euros and stand out for their ability to generate employment and to maintain steady growth in recent years.

In the second edition of the report, the London Stock Exchange has once again highlighted Planasa for its excellent track record in recent years, in which it has grown steadily both in turnover and in number of workers. Planasa, which operates on five continents, has been singled out by the London Stock Exchange as a benchmark company for potential investors.

“If last year it was an honor to join this list, doing so for the second consecutive year confirms that we are on the right track and that this was no accident. We are an international company, but obviously a large part of our business lies in Europe. Our intention is to continue moving towards our goal, which is no more than to improve the diet of tomorrow, “says Alexandre Pierron-Darbonne, president of the Planasa Group.

The 2017 document once again brings to light the enormous importance of SMEs in the continent, accounting for two-thirds of total employment and around 60% of economic value. “Our direct approach to bringing welfare to society in an innovative way is our greatest asset. At Planasa we invest around 4% of our turnover annually to continue offering better products and services, “says Pierron-Darbonne.

This modus operandi is what has allowed Planasa to be included as one of the ten Spanish companies to be recognized for a second year in the report. In total, this year’s list includes 70 national companies, compared to 75 last year. The food and beverage sector continues to be the most prominent.

Planasa has been working in the fruit and vegetable sector for more than 40 years in three business areas: varietal innovation (with berries, fruit and horticultural programs), supply of plant material to farmers and agri-food (production and marketing of fresh produce). The company is currently a world leader in endive marketing and a leader in obtaining and improving products (strawberry, raspberry and blueberry varieties).

In 2016, Planasa had over 2,080 direct employees and a turnover of 106.1 million euros.