Planasa today
Planasa’s headquarters are located in Valtierra, Spain.

Planasa has an international presence thanks to a sales network covering 5 continents and an extensive network of partners in many different countries and climactic regions. Planasa’s target is to breed new vegetable varieties to achieve a balance that satisfies the future needs of agricultural farmers with the tastes of consumers in the different markets.

We have estates and farms all over the world, chosen strategically for their soil qualities and climate conditions. Here we grow commercial crops, carry out research, observation and trials on new varieties for Continental, Mediterranean, mild, or even tropical climates.

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We take special care of our relationship with our farmers
We are particularly aware of the needs of our farmers, which do not only demand improvements in the quality and health of the plants, but also improved varieties that give better quality fruits and allow them to improve performance; essential to improving profitability.

Committed to the food of tomorrow
At Planasa we are committed to the healthy eating of today and tomorrow, especially in flavour and pleasure. We work for our clients to improve our vegetable varieties each day, offering them solutions that will help their agricultural projects prosper.

Planasa’s success is supported by three fundamental pillars: research, quality and partnership.

Committed to the food of tomorrow
Planasa has a commitment to healthy eating of the present and the future based on taste and pleasure. We work for our clients by improving our plant varieties every day and offering them solutions that help them thrive in their agricultural projects. Planasa's success is built on three pillars: research, quality and partnership.
A step ahead
We have over 40 years of experience in researching vegetable varieties. From the very outset, Planasa has backed variety research as the foundations for its successful creation of unique varieties. We have six experimental centres distributed around the world, and Planasa also has development centres for carrying out observation and experiments of new varieties distributed in different climatic areas near the fruit production centres.
A drive for the very best quality
Planasa clients are a key piece for the market implementation of new varieties that successfully reach the final consumer. Our relationship of trust with our agricultural farmers, forged over years of working together, enables us to detect, first hand, needs and areas of improvement that will help them with effective solutions.
We work with you
Planasa is committed to helping its clients as if they were another partner within the company. We are at their side to listen to their needs and to offer solutions that help them improve the profitability of their business. It is a relationship forged on trust that we strengthen and maintain each day.