Red endive: sweeter and more resilient

Red endive: sweeter and more resilient
16 February

The red endive is a cylindrical vegetable composed of a succession of overlapping and firmly grouped leaves. Its leaves are crispy and slightly sweeter than the white variety.

Its size ranges between 110-170 mm and its diameter between 40-80 mm.

This variety of endive, available all year round, can be consumed by anyone, as there are no risk groups. One great advantage as a culinary ingredient is that it allows for a multitude of combinations: in salads, vegetable stews and gratins. It also adds color to dishes.

In addition, it is a vegetable low in calories and rich in folates. This makes it a very healthy and highly recommended food todaily diet, both for adults and children.

What kind of plant is it?

It is a perennial plant cultivated as a biennial. Its roots are pivotant, with dark green or light green rosette-shaped outer leaves and reddish inner leaves.


It is important to keep this vegetable away from heat and light. It must be refrigerated.

In addition, this variety is more resistant to blows and abrasions than the white endive.