Strategic Plan for Sweet Fruit

Strategic Plan for Sweet Fruit
02 November

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment and representatives of the sector make up the working group created to develop a Strategic Plan for Sweet Fruit, whose main objective is “to achieve a strategic plan with short, medium and long term goals to face the coming seasons in better conditions.

The first official meeting, dedicated to the stone fruit subsector, took place last Friday, October 27 and representatives of production, industry, distribution, central and regional administrations, and experts and researchers participated. They addressed aspects related to the supply and demand of sweet fruit.

In terms of supply, the possibility of using self-regulation was analyzed due to the increase in production in recent years, which has exceeded 1.5 million tons, causing marketing difficulties. On the other hand, in order to boost demand it was agreed upon to revitalize domestic consumption and find opportunities abroad.

In the next meeting the seed fruit subsector will be analyzed. Subsequently, in the following meetings, possible measures and actions to be carried out will be addressed.