The Planasa 0955 strawberry : high quality, resilient and high yield

The Planasa 0955 strawberry : high quality, resilient and high yield
29 January
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Its intense bright color and large size (which lasts until the end of the harvest) makes our Planasa 0955 strawberry variety a very attractive fruit. It has a pleasant scent with a nice balance between sugar and acidity.

It has a conical and elongated shape, homogeneous in shape and size. Its achenes  on the surface facilitate its collection.

Its resilient pulp allows for long periods of transport and conservation. Another of its advantages is its resistance to deformations from the cold and sepal burns.


It is characterized by its good root system that adapts to various types of soil and disinfection. It is a short day variety.

The plant base of this strawberry is globular and strong. Its flowers are of good pollen quality and are exposed above the foliage, which facilitates pollination.

Futhermore, its rustic characteristics and its resistance to fungi and soil diseases should be noted.


It is a variety of very early production and high productivity, well above the standard varieties.

Another important characteristic in terms of production is that its production curve is continuous over time without production stops or peaks until the end of the cycle.


Early planting is recommended to achieve early entry into production. Also, the planting frame should be between 25 and 28 cm to avoid excessive foliar mass.

This variety thrives off of good ventilation between plants and tunnels that facilitate fruit harvesting and plant health.

Finally, it is recommended to avoid nitrogenous fertilizers in excess.