Blueberries: Extraberries visits Planasa’s facilities in Huelva
16 Avril 2019

Argentinian company Extraberries has visited Planasa to see the new blueberries that will be released in October 2019. The two representatives from the areas of Salta and Concordia, Nicolás Giménez and Emmanuel Buzzo, respectively, were amazed by the productivity of the plants, and also by the appearance (bloom) and firmness of the fruits and the shelf life, […]

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Planasa and Sporting renew their partnership one more season
10 Avril 2019

Planasa has renewed again its commitment to collaborate with Sporting Puerto de Huelva, a women’s football team from the capital of Huelva that plays in the Primera Division of the Liga Iberdrola. This is the third season in a row that the company, which has its most important R & D center for berries in […]

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Planasa receives the visit of Mexican and US Adelita licensees
03 Avril 2019

More than 20 producers from Mexican and US companies all of them licensees of Adelita (raspberry) and Sayulita (strawberry) have visited Planasa’s facilities in Huelva (Spain) to see the new upcoming blueberry varieties (October 2019) as well as those of blackberry, raspberry and strawberry. Planasa was pleased to host in their facilities the Adelita licensees: […]

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Peruvian Agro Vision visited Planasa’s new blueberry programme
28 Mars 2019

Two representatives from Peruvian company Agro Vision, Alfonso Altet (Head of Business Development) and Patricio Fernández (Blueberry Production Manager) have visited Planasa’s R&D facilities in Huelva (Spain) to see our first blueberry programme. They were amazed by “the flavour, crunchiness and the extended shelf-life as well as the amount of fruit these varieties can concentrate”. […]

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Tesco visits Planasa’s facilities to see  the new blueberry varieties
22 Mars 2019

Sabina Wyant, technical manager at Tesco UK Produce, and Pablo Brocal, Tesco technical manager in Spain, have been visiting Planasa’s facilities in Huelva (Spain) to see our new blueberry varieties that will be launched next October 2019. Once they visited the R&D trials, they joined a blind tasting of blueberries together with Planasa’s Sales and […]

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Rafael Guitián named as new CFO
21 Mars 2019

Rafael Guitián Fernández de Córdoba has recently joined Planasa as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Rafael will join the executive team of the Planasa Group, chaired by Alexandre Darbonne (CEO) to continue the financial transformation the group has undergone over the past year and a half. On the incorporation of the new financial director of Planasa, […]

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Norwegian BAMA interested in Planasa’s blackberries
12 Mars 2019

Two representatives from Nature’s Pride, Elwin Boshoven (Purchaser Berries) and José Andrés Castilla (Corporate Quality Manager) have visited Planasa facilities to check out our new program of blackberries with our Sales and Marketing director, Gonzalo Artés, and our blackberry breeder Pilar García. The aim of Nature’s Pride, already providing Adelita raspberries, is to supply Planasa’s […]

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Darzilla : une asperge exceptionnelle
02 Mars 2018

L’asperge Darzilla de Planasa est un fruit d’une qualité exceptionnelle, avec une excellente présentation commerciale. Les caractéristiques de sa tête, très fermée et voyante, en font un produit visuellement très attrayant pour le consommateur. Outre ce qui précède, parmi ses caractéristiques il convient de souligner : Turion bien droit Grande homogénéité en calibre, forme et […]

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L’endive rouge : plus douce et résistante
16 Février 2018

L’endive rouge est un légume à la forme cylindrique, formée par une succession de feuilles superposées et fermement rattachées. Ses feuilles sont croquantes et légèrement plus douces que la variété blanche. Sa taille oscille entre 110-170 mm et son diamètre entre 40-80 mm. Cette variété d’endive, disponible toute l’année, peut être consommée par tout le […]

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