Nature’s Pride interested in Planasa’s upcoming raspberry varieties

Nature’s Pride interested in Planasa’s upcoming raspberry varieties
15 Octobre

Nature’s Pride representatives Robin Euwe (Senior raspberry buyer) and José Andrés Castilla (Corporate Quality Manager) have visited Planasa facilities in R&D Huelva (Spain) to check out the new selections within our raspberry programme, together with our raspberry breeder Elisa Pérez and our varietal development technician, Jesús Ramos.

Concretely they checked out two of our new selections. The first one is a very early and productive remontant variety. Its great advantage is that, even though the harvest ends at the end of December, the second production cycle begins only 70 days later (first week of March) and ends in April. The fruit is light red, has a sweet taste and an excellent shelf-life.

The second one is a Lupita-kind of raspberry, but bigger in size. It is also a remontant variety with well-exposed light red coloured-fruit.

For Robin Euwe: “It was good to see what Planasa will have available in near future, and it realy looked promising. Our commitment is to always offer freshness and high-quality products to retailers, so the key feature we are looking for in raspberries, apart from flavour, is an extended shelf life. We also value appealing, especially uniformity in colour and shape, but obviously consumers in Northern Europe are into flavour and colour, preferably light red”.

The aim of Nature’s Pride, already supplying Adelita raspberries, is to offer more Planasa’s raspberries to retailers like Bama, the Norwegian group of companies responsible for the distribution of 90% of the berries in the Nordic countries, specially Norway, where they serve around 17,000 customers.