Thanks for visiting us at Fruit Attraction 2019

Thanks for visiting us at Fruit Attraction 2019

There’s only a few hours left before Fruit Attraction, October 22-24 in IFEMA (Madrid) ends.

Once again we have been showing up there and before it ends we would like to invite you to our booth 9G05 (Hall 9) and get to know about all the upcoming varieties that we will be releasing shortly.

We are talking about Malibu, Manila, Marina, Madeira, Maldiva and Masirah, our new generation of blueberry varieties that has been recently released and we will unveil new raspberrystrawberry and blackberry varieties that we expect to impact the berry market next year.


Our upcoming Lolita is a very early and productive remontant variety. Its great advantage is that, even though the harvest ends at the end of December, the second production cycle begins only 70 days later (first week of March) and ends in April. The fruit is light red, has a sweet taste and an excellent shelf-life.

Planasa’s new blackberry is a winter primocane, in other words an “Adelita blackberry type”. A highly-remontant variety, with no red druplets after harvest and a pyramidal architecture, ensuring an easy fruit-picking since the fruit is placed on both sides of the plant. Another feature of Planasa’s blackberry is bottom-top fruit colouring, which helps decide the optimal time for harvest. Besides, the very elastic skin, contributes to a long shelf life, even after a long storage in cold-room conditions.In short is nice looking fruit, with glossy skin, oval-shapeand good size, a firm pulp and excellent pleasant tasting.

Regarding  strawberry we are releasing three varieties, the first one is Sandra One a high quality very early and productive variety.

The second is going Samantha specially selected for the British market and northern European countries.

This variety is light red in colour and has a very good post-harvest life. It is early and very productive and offers very good results in pots.And the third ones is Salma a remontant strawberry variety, also very early and productive, whose target markets are mainly the United States and Mexico.

We would like to thank all the people who have joined us these days.