Over recent years, the consumption of berries in Europe has sky-rocketed. As a result, its production has undergone a major surge, particularly in Spain. Among what are known as “fruits of the forest” the raspberry has become one of the most highly valued by consumers, for its flavor at once sweet and slighty acidic.

In 2005 Planasa began to develop its raspberry variety research programme with the aim of improving already existing varieties and of favouring the consumption of this healthy berry. In 2012, following intensive R&D work, the Adelita variety was launched.

The revolution of Adelita

The great advance presented by Adelita in terms of the rest of the varieties is a complete change in the productive approach compared to previous methods. For the first time, a raspberry variety is able to extend its production throughout the entire winter, altering the plantation calendar. Up to now, the months of January, February and March were not productive, considered to be out of season. Now, Adelita proposes the two classic spring and autumn cycles, plus a winter harvest for the crops planted between July and August. This allows the same variety of fruit to be available throughout the entire productive stage. It is the first completely low-chilling Primocane, with no winter interruption and extremely malleable.

Advantages for the producer

But flexibility in the planning of the crops is far from Adelita’s only quality, a growing variety aimed at improving shelf life and at reducing production costs. Adelita offers large, fleshy and homogeneous raspberries that are greatly appreciated in the market. To date, no major problem has been found with any aerial or soil-based fungus. Nor have any problems been registered with any specific insects or mites. Adelita’s great productive potential prolongs its shelf life.

In terms of the crop, Adelita has strong canes to support the load of fruit, which is distributed in large bunches, easily accessible to the collector. It is advisable to support it with nitrogenous fertilisation.

Attractive for the consumer

In the eyes of the consumer, Adelita is an attractive, fleshy raspberry with good colouring. Its sweet taste with a slight tart flavour is another of its strong points, transforming it into a delicatessen product. Aside from its appearance and flavour, Adelita also helps maintain hydration and encourages the elimination of toxins. It also has a high level of folic acid, potassium, and is low in sodium, making it a highly beneficial health food for regular consumption. These features have led to a huge surge in its consumption, particularly in the north of Europe.

Planasa is working to continue to improve the flavour and qualities of Adelita, set to become one of the most demanded varieties in the market.