Blackberry/ Plablack 15 157


  • Medium-large sized shiny fruit, very appealing to consumers.
  • Sweet taste, narrow oval-elliptic shape and very good apical pollination.
  • Excellent shelf-life. Its black, elastic and shiny skin allows it to have long periods of conservation keeping its brightness and appearance, after the process of cold and days at room temperature.
  • In addition, fruit is coloured from base to tip, which makes harvesting even easier and makes almost all the fruit to be premium.


  • Vigorous and highly-remontant primocane variety.
  • Pyramidal architecture.
  • The flowers have strong pink petals and good-quality pollen and develop in bouquets that open along the cane.
  • The fruit is shown outside the plant, making it very easy to pick.
  • Very resistant to pests and diseases that usually affect the cultivation of blackberry.


  • Optimum planting frames for fresh plants: 100 centimetres.
  • Since it is a primocane variety, it requires that the technical management favours the induction of the buds to flower at the end of summer:
    • Early planting in spring and pruning and/or mesh removal at the end of the heat season (summer).
    • Nutritional supply that stops vegetative growth.

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