The Planasa Darzilla asparagus is a vegetable of exceptional quality, with excellent commercial presentation. The characteristics of its head, very closed and striking, make it very visually attractive to the consumer.

In addition to the above, among its features include:

Aside from the above, its other characteristics include:

  • Very straight spear
  • Largely homogenic size, shape and appearance
  • Ideal for production of quality asparagus
  • In production of white asparagus, present a pearly white color
  • In production of green asparagus, present an intense green color
  • Magnificent flavor

What kind of plant is it?

It is a robust plant, with very straight and upright vegetation. Its branching is high and it is resilient to environmental diseases, soil diseases and drooping.

High productivity and homogeneity

Darzilla can be considered a slightly precocious variety with high productivity. Its caliber, medium-high, ensures more than 80% of the production is between 16-26 mm.

As for its production, it is also worth highlighting its good homogeneity in harvest, which minimizes production costs.


One of the advantages of the Darzilla asparagus is its double aptitude: both for white and green cultivation. In addition, it adapts to almost all types of soils, preferably in temperate and cold climates.

Moreover, the use of thermal plastic significantly improves early performance. A planting density of 18,000 to 22,000 plants per hectare is recommended and, in the production of green asparagus, a small hilling.

It is also an optimum variety for organic farming.