Argentinian company Extraberries has visited Planasa to see the new blueberries that will be released in October 2019.

The two representatives from the areas of Salta and Concordia, Nicolás Giménez and Emmanuel Buzzo, respectively, were amazed by the productivity of the plants, and also by the appearance (bloom) and firmness of the fruits and the shelf life, which is precisely what this company is looking for: “extended shelf life to ensure fruit firmness and flavour at their final destinations”, they stated.

Three out of the six new blueberry varieties Planasa is releasing next October could perfectly fit for Argentina’s early season production calendar, according to Planasa’s technicians.

After visiting the R&D facilities they tasted blueberry samples on a blind test and their feedback couldn’t be better: “this is exactly what we are looking for, flavour and crunchiness are simply outstanding and completely meet Extraberries quality requirements”.

Their agenda also included visits to local producers like Agromolinillo, La Huerta de Moguer and Fresdehesa. Thanks to all of them for welcome us again and for their kindness showing their facilities and farms to Extraberries.

Extraberries is a leading high-quality blueberry producer and trader in Argentina. They supply blueberries to global markets like USA, Europe and Asia and to South America.