Two representatives from Nature’s Pride, Elwin Boshoven (Purchaser Berries) and José Andrés Castilla (Corporate Quality Manager) have visited Planasa facilities to check out our new program of blackberries with our Sales and Marketing director, Gonzalo Artés, and our blackberry breeder Pilar García.

The aim of Nature’s Pride, already providing Adelita raspberries, is to supply Planasa’s blackberries to BAMA, a Norwegian group of companies responsible for the distribution of 90% of the berries in the Nordic countries, specially Norway, where they serve around 17,000 customers.

Bama’s commitment is to always offer freshness and high-quality products to retailers, so the key feature they are looking for in blackberries, apart from flavour, is long shelf life.

Blackberry features

Planasa’s new blackberry is a winter primocane, in other words an “Adelita blackberry type”. A highly-remontant variety, with no red druplets after harvest and a pyramidal architecture, ensuring an easy fruit-picking since the fruit is placed on both sides of the plant.

Another feature of Planasa’s blackberry is bottom-top fruit colouring, which helps decide the optimal time for harvest. Besides, the very elastic skin, contributes to a long shelf life, even after a long storage in cold-room conditions.

In short is nice looking fruit, with glossy skin, oval-shapeand good size, a firm pulp and excellent pleasant tasting.

During the visit they have had the chance to see the plants and taste the fruit, to check all these features of Planasa’s new variety of blackberry.