We carefully take care of your plants production process

Planasa is one of the world’s largest nurseries of strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and asparagus plants, as well as garlic and avocado seeds.

Our goal: To offer producers varieties that are fully adapted to their production and business demands: productivity, precocity, flavour and excellent shelf life

We have more than 1,500 hectares located in Spain, Poland, Morocco, California in the United States, Mexico and Peru.


We have perfectly integrated the activities of selection, varietal development and propagation in nurseries in different geographical and climatic regions locations to offer the plant material that best suits the needs of growers around the world.

We take meticulous care of the production process of our plants, from the selection of new varieties, the testing in our R&D farms to the commercial production in laboratories and nurseries, aiming to supply our customers plants that meet the highest standards of health and quality.

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