At Planasa, we go above and beyond for our producers and provide them with the guidance they need when selecting the plants that best suit them. Our goal has always been, and will always be, to optimise the yield of producers by offering them the best plants and understanding that the best products are the ones that adapt to their needs and meets their objectives.

Good results are not only measured by the fruits that our plants bear, but by the time needed by the producer who acquires them, their adaptation to the soil where they are planted, the volume of harvest that each producer needs, and their resistance to the different weather conditions that may arise. Those factors, and more, determine a plantation’s yield and harvest.

That is why we have created this guide, so that our customers know what we offer them in as much detail as possible, and to explain which plants will improve their productivity. There is a world full of exciting information, and we want to be a starting point of information for all the producers who trust us.

Evidently, we must take into consideration that the human factor could have the biggest influence when it comes to good harvest outcomes, and we applaud the quality and efforts put in by the producers who choose our plants.

We hope this is of great help!

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