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Global leaders in endives production.

4 research and development centers in Europe and America.

The plants of the future!

We are a leading company with a global presence in the agri-food sector specializing in plant research, nursery and fresh produce.
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Obtaining new plant varieties to meet the future needs of farmers and consumer tastes. We have highly-qualified scientists and the support of sophisticated technical equipment.
One of the largest nursery owners in the world.
Planasa has approximately 1.500 hectares located in Spain, Poland, Morocco, California in USA, Mexico and Chile.
Approximately 1.500 hectares for producing the best plants.
Straight to the consumer. The freshness and quality of the product are our key characteristics.
Maximum freshness and quality.
Throughout the year we produce and commercialise quality fruit and vegetable products to meet the consumer's needs.
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The Planasa blog
20 October

Planasa could not miss the grand commercial international fruit and vegetable industry event that took place in Madrid from October 18th through the 20th. In this edition, 1500 exhibitors from 30 countries participated, 20% more than the previous year, presenting to the more than 60,000 professional visitors from 110 countries their varieties, qualities and innovation. […]

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13 October

Because of its strong flavor, garlic is one of the most used ingredients in gastronomic culture  and one of the most commonly used vegetables in Mediterranean cuisine. Its use goes back centuries, and there are documents that confirm not only its use as a cooking ingredient, but also as a healing agent. In the ancient […]

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06 October

If there is one good thing about end of summer and the beginning of autumn, it is that it’s mulberry season, a fruit that is not only delicious, but also full of health benefits. The mulberry is a “multi drupe” fruit, meaning it is made up of small drupes in cluster formation. Its size varies […]

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