Planasa is an international group of companies leading the development of new berry varieties to meet growers and consumers’ needs within different markets.

We are one of the biggest nurseries in the world. We have +1,500 hectares worldwide, strategically chosen for their soil and climate conditions.

We produce berries (mainly raspberries and blueberries), asparagus and avocados and we are the world leading producers of fresh endive 365 days a year.



Planasa is the result of the efforts of five Darbonne generations.


The roots of the company can be found back in 1887, when farmer and pioneer Amand Darbonne started to produce dehydrated medicinal herbs and then aromatic plants in Milly-la-Fôret (France), which are still sold under the Darégal tardemark.


Almost 90 years after, in 1973 Amand’s grandson Marc Darbonne founded Plantas de Navarra SA (Planasa) together with Caja de Ahorros de Navarra (CAN) to improve the asparagus crop.


Breeding strawberry and asparagus and endive production activities start.


R&D of strawberry, asparagus, fruit tree and garlic varieties.


Planasa acquired part of the US company California Endive Farms (CEF) USA. PlanItalia was founded in Italy and Planasa Polska in Poland.


Group Darbonne took control of the 100% of Planasa and the successful strawberry variety Sabrosa-Candonga® was launched.


Beginning of breeding activities in other berries. Creation and participation of Hansabred in Germany for new varieties of strawberries for the north of Europe.


Started operating in Mexico, Chile and USA. We launched the Sabrina Strawbery and started the production of asparagus, blueberries and raspberries begins in France.


We celebrate our 40th anniversary!
The famous Adelita raspberry was launched. Planasa acquired 100% of California Endive Farms (CEF) and  Maamora Prim in Morocco.



Planasa started operating in China, incorporated Romania and Netherlands subsidiaries and acquired the US company NorCal Nursery.


UK Cinven acquired 65% of Planasa. The Strawberry variety Savana was launched.


A new generation of blueberry varities developed by Planasa is launched: Manila, Malibu, Marina, Madeira, Maldiva and Masirah.


Supply our clients in the global agri-food market high quality products and services to satisfy consumer tastes.


Research and development of new vegetable varieties.


Production and commercialisation of high-quality plants and seeds.

(Fresh produce)

Year-round production and commercialisation of vegetable products that stand out for their freshness and flavour.


Our goal is to lead the global market developing new varieties and innovation to the supply chain of berries meeting producers and consumers expectations.



Honesty and integrity are our most important values, which is why they take the helm to guide our business.

(Customer satisfaction)

Positioning our clients at the centre of our business activities and contributing to their success.

(Continuous improvement)

Actively seek out best practices in all areas in order to give a higher value offer to our customers.

(Corporate excellence)

On-going improvement, effectiveness and efficiency in company actions.

(On-going search for innovation)

Encouraging new ideas, initiative and creativity across all levels.


Sharing knowledge, ideas and the experience to make the best decisions together. 

(Commitment to people)

Promoting talent, developing leaders, rewarding the achievement of targets.

Planasa worldwide

Thanks to our global salesforce and a large network of partners in different countries and climatic regions and, Planasa has a global presence.

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