Agriculture is currently facing unprecedented challenges. Climate change is leading to increased temperatures and unpredictable rainfall, making crop planning and management difficult. In addition, increasingly restrictive legislation is limiting the use of chemical disinfectants on soils, posing an additional challenge for farmers.

Planasa’s response to these challenges is to develop varieties that guarantee growers the sustainable production of quality soft fruit all year round in today’s changing climatic conditions. Our R&D team works continuously to identify and combine the best characteristics of existing varieties and to develop new and better selections. This is what we call #PlanasaGenetics.

Currently, we have different selection lines based on key traits such as earliness, premium quality and yield. In the case of strawberries and taking into account all the above mentioned factors, we decided some time ago to put a special emphasis on hardiness as well.

A concrete example of our focus on hardiness are the strawberry varieties RedSayra and Red Samantha. The former stands out for its earliness, which allows for an early harvest in a very favourable price window for growers. The second is distinguished by the high quality of its fruit and its high production level. Both varieties are also recognised for their hardiness, as they have demonstrated their ability to adapt to different types of soil and cultivation methods, registering a low mortality rate in farmers’ fields all over the world. This low mortality rate is due to their high resistance to diseases caused by air and soil fungi.

To assess hardiness, we subject our selections to rigorous testing in different situations such as water stress or poor soil quality to ensure that they are hardy and able to thrive in adverse conditions.

At Planasa, we pride ourselves on not only addressing agricultural challenges, but also doing so in a sustainable way. Our focus on developing resilient and adapted varieties is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) . By reducing reliance on chemicals and offering solutions that are better adapted to changing climatic conditions, we contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture.

In short, at Planasa we address today’s farming challenges by developing hardy soft fruit varieties that are compatible with the needs of farmers and retailers. Our focus on hardiness enables us to provide them with sustainable solutions, helping them to overcome the climate and regulatory challenges they face.

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